Lust ≠ Love Series: “Let’s Get Scriptural” (Romans 6:12)

Hey guys!

Very short post.

I think this post will mean I am up to speed for the Lust ≠ Love series, so next week I will be finally rounding up this theme.

So this week I have actually been looking at ovecoming lust and looking at ways to avoid lust triggers, action wise. Today, I want to use a different approach, by using a specific scripture, which is Romans 6:12. I actually got this idea from the audio testimony below. Have a listen. I hope the verse helps and it ministers to you. We can and we will overcome lust.

Pornography Has No Dominion Over Me – Ade

(Apologies if the sound quality is abit poor)

Let’s us not be slaves to lust or any other type of sin, let us use the Word as weapon to set ourselves free.

Keep repeating to yourself…

“Therefore do not let [insert specific sin] reign in MY mortal body so that I obey evil desires”.

Other posts included in this series:

“Come here and listen, let me tell you what God has done for me” – Psalm 66:16 (NKJ)

If you have a testimony relating to sexual lust or any other type and would like to encourage someone with your story, here’s your space here and don’t worry, I’ll do the editing.

3 thoughts on “Lust ≠ Love Series: “Let’s Get Scriptural” (Romans 6:12)

  1. Wow! God bless you dear. The rhema from just reading Rom 6:12 is amazing. The bible says: “ not let sin reign….” Meaning that whatever sin that we engage in, we always have a choice. We can either spot the signs immediately and ‘fight’ the sins with the help of God; or we can keep feeding the sin.

    Let us be encouraged to know that Christ dying for us has given us victory over sin. We no longer live in that age where sin rules us. NO! Christ bore all of our sins that we may live in victory; in freedom. But if we keep feeding the fleshy desires, we will be slaves to sin.[not our portion] But God has given us a choice- life [Him] or death [devil].

    May we keep clinging unto life [God] and may our hearts be searched by the Holy Spirit to see how we may be feeding fleshy desires and may we be obedient to accept God’s grace to fight them off. Amen.

    God bless you, DAfricanLady. May you continue to be a tool for His use. Amen

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    1. AMEN! #Hotprayer.

      We thank God for the Word, we thank God for him dying on the cross for us. We thank God for we are able to live in victory. Praise the Lord.

      Thank you so much for reading.

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