Lust ≠ Love Series: M for Mastur…🙊

Masturbation. A topic that is always tagged with a heated debate. Particularly when considering some Christians who ask: “Is this really wrong?” “Is it OK?” or saying: “the Bible did not mention it” or “it must be alright to do it then”.

Well, it’s not. If you are wondering about the “ifs” and “what’s” of masturbation, its somewhat an indication that there is some lack of knowledge when referring to the danger of lust and the accurate scriptural views of sex.

Let me drop a verse in.. “we perish through lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

Now I am no expert, I can only express to you what I have learnt, understood and digested through what I have read, through the Word and via Christian books.

I generally believe as Christians we focus too much on the act of masturbation and completely forget the issues of our heart. God does consider our actions – hands down, but He also considers “the soil of hearts” even more.

The acts of masturbation stems from a desire of sexual want. Let me write down before anyone bites my head off…is not a bad thing to have sexual needs…God did make us that way. However, one must be continuously in the spirit and have the spiritual weapons at the tip of his/her tongue (and mind) to beat the flesh for wanting to turn that sexual need into sexual lust.

Masturbation is a lust trigger, 100%.

In addition to that, masturbation just does not fit into God’s plan. Masturbation is built on a self-centred view sex. It reflects the attitude that sex it solely about you, your own pleasure, your body and your orgasm. It is self-focused. It is technically an isolated experience that enforces a self-centred view of life.

To break the pattern of masturbation, it is important that your understanding of sex is renewed. It is important to know that sex belong to Him and is for Him. That everything we do as sexual creatures should be an expression of our honour, love and fear of Him.

Let also not forget that marriage and sex are inseparable in God’s design. God’s plan. You can’t have one without the other (Hebrews 13:4).

Marriage should be honoured by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexual immoral.



Let me end this post with a short testimony, please click the link for the full version of our brother’s testimony.

As you read this testimony may you also receive your own, in Jesus name

How I Broke Up With Porn- Michael

Pornography for me started very early. While at a family, friends house, I was sexually abused and exposed to Pornography. This sowed a seed in me, though I didn’t know it at the time. A seed of perversion.

This would later grow. I became addicted to porn and masturbation as a teenager. I would have homosexual thoughts. I was messed up inside and didn’t know what to do. Each time I tried to stop, something would drag me back in. Even as a Youth leader and Christian union leader, i struggled a lot.

Eventually I joined a church where the presence of God did a great work in me. The addiction just broke. The spirit just left. Though I had to renew my mind, it didn’t have power over me. I have not watched porn or masturbated in over a year. Thanks be to God!!!!

This is the summarised version. For the full version, please check out the link.


Michael Olasope.

Other posts included in this series:

“Come here and listen, let me tell you what God has done for me” – Psalm 66:16 (NKJ)

If you have a testimony relating to sexual lust or any other type and would like to encourage someone with your story, here’s your space here and don’t worry, I’ll do the editing.

3 thoughts on “Lust ≠ Love Series: M for Mastur…🙊

  1. Praise God for the testifier’s life. I am thankful to God for his saving power to lift us up from the ‘pits’.

    The post is definitely one of the unpopular messages. It is a thing of great joy to still read such insightful and truthful post on the topic of masturbation. Well done.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This is a very controversial topic indeed, one that many won’t like because these people feel “violated” by the potential exposure of hidden sins like these, but we bless God for posts like this. God doesn’t want us comfortable. He wants us holy. As for scriptural support, I like going back to what I consider the “origin” of masturbation found in Genesis 38:9 where Onan, chose to end his act of marital sex and conclude on his own by wasting his semon on the ground…an act that cost him his life While some people may argue that this isn’t masturbation, that fact that he concluded by himself causes him to fall squarely in this category.

    Thank you for your holy boldness by sharing what the body of Christ so desperately needs to know.

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    1. Oh wow. That is a powerful scriptural. I think I’ve overlooked that scriptural several times. Thank you for sharing. I must mark that.

      I totally agree.

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